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    The Canterbury Tales

    Ciao a tut….. Hello everyone, and welcome back to Parole Incontrate! Today I want to talk about the Canterbury Tales, a group of poems written by Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century. Thanks and good listening!

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    How wisdom got out

    Ciao a tutti! Oggi leggerò in inglese “How wisdom got out”, una storia tradizionale africana, in particolare del Ghana. Qui sotto potete trovare sia il testo in inglese sia la traduzione in italiano. Grazie e buon ascolto! Long ago, one old man had all the wisdom in the world. His name was Father Anansi. People always came to him with questions like: “Father Anansi, what should I do to make my son behave better?” or “Father Anansi, what should I do to make my aunty well again?” or “Father Anansi, what should I do to make my vegetables grow?”. And he answered 100 other such questions every day. People paid…

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    Mr Happy

    Oggi leggerò il terzo volume della serie “Mr Men” di Roger Hargraves: Mr Happy!! Grazie e buon ascolto! On the other side of the world, where the sun shines hotter than here, and where the trees are a hundred feet tall, there is a country called Happyland. As you might very well expect everybody who lives in Happyland is as happy as the day is long. Wherever you go you see smiling faces all round. It’s such a happy place that even the flowers seem to smile in Happyland. And, as well as all the animals in Happyland are happy as well. If you’re never seen a mouse smile, or…

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    Mr Greedy

    Oggi leggerò una storia in inglese, Mr Greedy, il secondo libro della serie Mr Men di Roger Hargraves. Qui sotto potete trovare la traduzione in italiano della storia, nel caso non sappiate qualche parola. Grazie e buon ascolto, anzi, thank you and happy listening! IL SIGNOR GREEDY Al signor Greedy piaceva mangiare! In effetti il signor Greedy amava mangiare, e più mangiava più diventava grasso. E il guaio era che più grasso diventava, più diventava affamato. E più diventava affamato, più mangiava. E più mangiava, più diventava grasso. E così andava avanti. Il signor Greedy viveva in una casa che gli somigliava un po’. Era una casa rotonda come lui.…

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    The boy who cried wolf

    La conoscete questa storia??? Se no, ascoltate a questo episodio in inglese!!! Sotto troverete anche la traduzione, se non conoscete qualche parola! Grazie e alla prossima settimana! THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF Once, there was a boy who became bored when he watched over the village sheep grazing on the hillside. To entertain himself, he sang out, “Wolf! Wolf! The wolf is chasing the sheep!” When the villagers heard the cry, they came running up the hill to drive the wolf away. But, when they arrived, they saw no wolf. The boy was amused when seeing their angry faces. “Don’t scream wolf, boy,” warned the villagers, “when there is no…

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    Mr Tickle

    Oggi leggerò una storia in inglese, Mr Tickle di Roger Hargreaves, Egmont editore. Sotto potrai trovare il testo e la traduzione in italiano. Grazie e buon ascolto! It was a warm, sunny morning. In his small house at the other side of the wood Mr Tickle was asleep. You didn’t know that there was such a thing as a Tickle, did you?  Well, there is! Tickles are small and round and they have arms that stretch and stretch and stretch. Extraordinary long arms! Mr Tickle was fast asleep. He was having a dream. It must have been a very funny dream because it made him laugh out loud, and that…

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    The Value of Time

    Questa settimana leggerò una fiaba in inglese! Qui sotto potrai trovare la storia e la traduzione italiana. Grazie e buon ascolto! Once upon a time, a king and a lazy man named Haria were very close friends. One morning the king said, “Why don’t you work to earn some money?” Haria said: “Nobody gives me a job. My enemies have told everyone that I never work.” The kind king said, “You can enter my treasury and collect as much wealth as you can, until sunset.” Haria ran home to tell her wife. She said, “Go get the gold coins and the gems now.” Haria said “I can’t go now. Give…

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    Oggi ti leggo questo bellissimo libro di Ludvig Benelmans. Nel 1952 è stato realizzato un film animato, candidato agli Oscar come miglior cortometraggio animato. Potete guardarlo qui. In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines lived twelve little girls in two straight lines. In two straight lines they broke their bread and brushed their teeth and went to bed. They smiled at the good and frowned at the bad and sometimes they were very sad. They left the house at half past nine in two straight lines in rain or shine. The smallest one was Madeline. She was not afraid of mice, she loved winter, snow and…